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About Us

We’re an Utrecht based startup. We aim to improve solar energy production by smart monitoring. We strongly believe pro-active monitoring and advanced data analysis will play a huge role in our future energy needs. 

Read more about us on our career page.

Sounds great! What does the work look like?

We want to split our platform into microservices. Together with our other developers you’re responsible for laying out structures which are fit for the job. We want to keep improving things with new techniques and see failure as learning.

Since our structure is not set in stone we’re open to new ideas and insights. We are very eager to try new technologies and sometimes rely on quick wins by using services like AWS, Azure or any other services.

Our main goal is to develop new features quickly and gradually decide whether we should build them in-house (as microservices) or keep them external for the foreseen future. Your vision on these decisions is of course highly appreciated. 

Your daily tasks include:

  • designing and setting up API’s,

  • building and designing integrations with external services and API’s,

  • maintaining and improving existing functionalities,

  • setting up CI services,

  • making sure all other developers have smooth running development environments which enables them to keep up, learn quickly and, most importantly, have fun doing so

Technologies we’re using today are Timeseries databases (InfluxDB), Laravel, Node.js, React, React Native, MySQL and Python. So we are looking for a developer who is broadly orientated, has great knowledge about scaling, design patterns, (virtual) server management and is willing to be at the start of something new!

What skills are required?

Our ideal candidate

  • You want to work with a startup with huge potential in clean-energy;

  • You’re very eager to show off your skills without being kept down by legacy systems;

  • You’re good at engaging people in your process;

  • Great analytical and problem solving skills;

  • You’re passionate about what you do;

  • You're an ambitious Mario Kart player, or willing to act like one

Technical skills:

  • 3+ Years of professional experience in software development;

  • Experience in the latest versions of PHP (PHP7+). You also have thorough knowledge on different design patterns and you know how to apply these the correct way;

  • Knowledge of popular open source frameworks like Laravel or Symfony (deeper than the basic MVC);

  • Experience with (automated) testing and TDD;

  • Basic knowledge on frontend frameworks and tools (React, Webpack);

  • Knowledge of Continuous Deployment

Read more about us and check our other vacancies on our career page.

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